Day 17 - Be a Servant

Read Mark 10:42-45

“And whoever wants to be first among you must be a slave to all. “ Mark 10:44 (HCSB)

In one of the churches I have been part of there was a lady named Ruth who was a remarkable servant. Many people that did not know her name called her the “tea lady.” In that role she would serve drinks at every church social. Ruth’s smile was remarkable and her heart to serve others was remarkable as well.

In churches today, there are many who would be labeled people of influence.  These folks make a lot of the decisions of direction. There are also those folks that talk a lot without any real direction. The church is made up of many different types of individuals with varying characteristics but few like Ruth that love to serve others.

Jesus tells us that many want to control others, but He has called us to be “ministers” (KJV) or “servants.” For church revitalization to become part of your church, servants are needed. Servants that will give their time to impact people with their hands.

The value of servanthood is critical as we seek church turn around. Let us never confuse leading with serving the needs of others. Ruth’s smile and her work just to pour a
drink made a huge impact on the lives she touched.

Prayer - What ways do you serve others in your church? Pray asking God to show you ways you can serve the Body of Christ through your church. Ask God to give you the best understanding of where to serve in the church. Also pray that your church understands their BEST place to serve as the Hands and Feet of Christ in your community.